Joomla / Zen Cart Conversions FAQ

What is Joomla? Who should use it?

Joomla is the Web's most popular Content Management System. Joomla allows you to edit your web site's content straight from your web browser. A Joomla user can be anybody who wants to manage his/her own content. Anybody who wants to avoid paying and waiting for a web developer to get around to the changes affecting his/her business

What is Zen Cart? Who should use it?

Zen Cart is the Web's most popular open-source e-commerce solution. A Zen Cart user is anybody with a need for an e-commerce enabled store front. With Zen Cart, you can easily add and maintain your own product inventory.

I have a current web site. What do I need to send you to get started?

Send us a link to your current web site, and let us know if you prefer a Joomla or Zen Cart Conversion. We will send you an estimate shortly, usually within 24 hours.

I have a web site design, but it is in photoshop or JPEG. How do I get started?

Contact Us for an ftp login where you can send your design for our review. We will send you an estimate usually within 24 hours.

Is your work standards-compliant? What is that?

Standards compliance indicates that pages are built separating content from presentation, and done in such a way that links and content is human readable and easy to maintain. Applynx holds itself to the highest standards and best practices -- all code (other than the Joomla or Zen Cart code itself) is hand-coded and CSS-driven, ensuring the greatest leval of scalability and maintainability possible.

How much will this cost me?

It's difficult to say without seeing the design or current site, but as a ballpark figure, A site with 10 pages, consisting of an index page with a somewhat different design from its 9 internal pages should cost about $800. If there are custom components or radically different designs for each page, this will affect the estimate.

Will you host my site?

We can host your site, or you choose your own host, provided it can run the conversion software. This usually means a linux host with at least 1 Mysql Database. We will stage your conversion on our server, and give you a username / password to access the site. That should be enough to allow you to export the site to a server of your choice. If you need help with the export, we will provide support at our development rate ($85/hour), but do not guarantee compatibility with the host you have chosen. Please visit our hosting page for more information on our hosting packages.