Let us turn your web site, design or idea into a Joomla content management system (CMS) or Zen-Cart E-commerce store front enabled web site.


  • The Web's most popular CMS
  • Make changes to your own site right in your browser
  • Award winning
  • Open Source
  • Free!

Zen Cart

  • The Web's most popular Shopping Cart
  • Authorize.net, Paypal and Google Checkout modules available
  • Abundant Support
  • Open Source
  • Free!

We use best practices and flexible CSS-driven design. Email us or call us at (805) 434-6091 for a free quote. Or learn more about our custom Joomla and Zencart conversions.

Applynx provides honest and affordable search engine marketing and optimization services for your web site. Email us to get started, or give us a call at (805) 434-6091 to set up your free initial consultation.

What Do We Do

  • Stop the bleeding*
  • Help you set realistic goals within your budget
  • Provide a free initial consultation
  • Help you secure links to your site from other relevant sites
  • Help you understand how search engines view your site

What Don't We Do

  • Promise you will get to the top of the search rankings**
  • Stuff Keywords into alt and title tags
  • Pepper your site with invisible text
  • Leave you with questions and nobody to ask
  • Promise you the moon and deliver you the cheese

What Do We Cost

$20 per hour!

For a limited time, we are providing our Search Engine Consulting services for $20/hour. Our usual rate is $50/hour, which is the best value around. For a limited time, our rate is ridiculous. Contact us to take advantage of our promotional rate and set up your free initial consultation

* Often times the way a web site is coded can prevent search engines from seeing its content. this is especially true of sites that make heavy use of images or frames. We will analyze your site and suggest work-arounds that improve your searchability while maintaining your design.

** We are sure you have seen this promise before, but you won't hear it from Applynx. Your rankings will increase, as will your traffic and backlinks, but we will not overpromise to secure your business.

Email us to get started, or give us a call at (805) 434-6091 to set up your free initial consultation.

realmapz.com of San Luis Obispo

Applynx specializes in AJAX web applications, also referred to as Web 2.0.

By contacting the web server without requiring a full page request, AJAX allows web applications to behave more like desktop applications.

When added to the power of google maps, geography-centric web sites take on a whole new life. Visit RealMapz.com for a sample of how powerful the AJAX / Google Maps combination can be.

Bring your web site up to date. Email us or call us at (805) 434-6091 for a free consultation.

All Applynx hosting plans include unlimited support*. We do not simply hand you a panel and let you fend for yourself -- we are the experts and expect to handle the technical details.

Hosting Plan

  • $15 per month
  • One web site
  • Static IP Address
  • Zencart or Joomla Install
  • Domain Transfer
  • Email Setup
  • Onsite snapshot backups
  • Unlimited Email, Databases & Support

Available at Additional Cost

  • Static IP Address ($4 / month)
  • SSL Certificate (starting at $30 / year)
  • Authorize.net Payment Gateway
  • Software Patches and Upgrades
  • Web Site Testing and Monitoring